Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Longview Police K-9

Longview Police K-9 Officer and Mr.Vincent demonstrate how the K-9 responds to an attack command.  The officer was one of many community members that presented to the students about the education and skills needed in their careers.

Student & Pirate of the Month

Pirate of the Month
 Inshra Muhammand

Student of the Month

Daniel Lambie

Friday, March 10, 2017

New keyboards

The Junior High gets New Keyboards

Robin Wright's ELA students work on a Nine Square activity using the new keyboards.

Monday, March 6, 2017

J.H. Beacon Winner

Paul Ellsworth, Texas History and Coach, was the Junior High Beacon award winner.  Angie Rojas nominated Coach Ellsworth for the impact he made on her last year.  She now has a love for Texas History and humour in her 
life.  Angie and her family, and Mr.Ellsworth will be recognized at the Pine Tree Honors dinner in the Spring.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fishing Club Update

The Pine Tree Fishing Club members all weighed in at the February 18 Lake Murvual tournament. Congratulations to our Pirate anglers!

Alex Aguilar - 12th
Bret James and Bryce Payne -18th
Kevin Jackson - 31th
Jacob Carter and Lance Williams - 34th
Hudson Finely and Jack Gense - 35th
Treston Brailey - 36th
Christian Arevalo and Aurtruo Perez - 41st
Merrick Taylor and Connor Mayeux - 46th

Currently with only two tournaments left in the season the following students are qualifying for the championship.

            • Treston Brailey
            • Alex Aguilar
            • Merrick Taylor and Connor Mayeux

Friday, February 24, 2017

FCA meeting

PT Head Football Coach, Kerry Lane, and PT Head Softball Coach,  Katie Keith, shared Yesterday about their opportunities to Coach Football and Softball in the summer for FCA All Star Game at Lobo Stadium and Longview's Softball Complex. ChicK Fil A donated 80 breakfast biscuits and Golden Flake donated donuts. We had 110 students come on February 23rd. Coach Richardson said, it was a pretty amazing time and gathering.
Thanks and God bless

PTJH is F.C.A. strong!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Math Science Team

Congratulations to the Math Science Team on their meet last Saturday in Daingerfield where they placed 2nd overall. Medals went to top 5 places. PT took 23 of those top 5 spots in 4 events! 

Here is a list of the 7th, and 8th graders who scored in the top 10 in their events.

Number Sense: 
· Shaun Ray – 1st place, 8th grade 
· Marilyn Shen – 3rd place, 8th grade 
· Luis Vazquez - 5th place, 8th grade 
· Paige Reese – 9th place, 8th grade 
· Angie Rojas – 10th place, 8th grade 
· Bryce Willadson – 1st place, 7th grade 
· Zoe Davis – 4th place, 7th grade 
· Emily Jimenez – 6th place, 7th grade 
· Kaleb Hogue – 8th place, 7th grade 
· Isaac Tesser – 9th place, 7th grade 
· Samuel Beall – 10th place, 7th grade 

· Emmanuel Viramontes – 5th place, 8th grade
· Giselle Valencia – 9th place, 8th grade
· Angie Rojas – 10th place, 8th grade
· Jonah Harwood – 5th place, 7th grade
· Carlo Echave - 7th place, 7th grade
· Payton Wright - 9th place, 7th grade
· Mallory Estrada – 10th place, 7th grade 

· Shawn Ray – 3rd place, 8th grade 
· Jann Cabudoy - 8th place, 8th grade
· Bryce Willadson – 1st place, 7th grade 
· Jonah Harwood – 4th place, 7th grade 
· Zoe Davis – 7th place, 7th grade 
· Iman Dar – 8th place, 7th grade 
· Kaleb Hogue – 9th place, 7th grade 
· Payton Wright – 10th place, 7th grade

· Jann Cabudoy - 1st place, 8th grade 
· Tristan McBride – 3rd place, 8th grade 
· Emmanuel Viramontes -6th place, 8th grade 
· Paige Reese – 7th place, 8th grade 
· Iman Dar – 1st place, 7th grade 
· Lance Williams – 4th place, 7th grade
   Payton Wright - 5th place, 7th grade 
· Bryce Willadson – 6th place, 7th grade
· Zoe Davis – 7th place, 7th grade